How To Attract A Global Audience

Did you know that the United States only accounts for 4% of the world’s population? The United Kingdom only represents a meager .88% of the global inhabitants.

Yet, if you are like the majority of reseller hosting businesses, your business is focused on one, maybe two, countries in the world. For example, if you live in the US, then you might consider Canada. Or if you are located in the UK, you might extend to France or Germany. However, there are still 195 countries in the world for you to appeal to.

If you relate to the situation above, you are missing out on huge potential markets in South America, Europe, Australia, and even Asia. But how do you be sure that your marketing efforts appeal to international audiences?

While it may seem like a risk, there are ways to circumvent the barriers that often prevent small businesses from reaching foreign clients. See our top tips below for broadening your scope and appealing to the international pool of potential customers:

Research, research, research

Not all countries have embraced the internet at the same scale that the US and UK have. It’s important to research geographic locations that have already reached or are approaching the digital heights necessary to successfully attract new web hosting clients.

As you research, be sure that you are using a domestic search engine. For example, for research in China, Baidu is the best search engine. However, in Ireland Bing. ie will be the best place to conduct research.

Check your content

Before you set your sights on lands afar, pretend that you are a foreign client and give your website a quick once over. Be sure that your website content isn’t blasting patriotism for your country, and be sure to avoid slang or idioms that could be misconstrued or confusing to those who do not speak English as a first language.

Expand your domain portfolio  

While the world has adopted .com domains as a universal county code, you can also appeal to specific geographic locations by registering gTLDs. For example, if you are working to appeal to Brazilian audiences, a domain ending in .com/or can help you reach your potential clients. You will receive the best search engine results by using the ccTLD of that specific nation since search engines prioritize domestic domains over international ones. For example, in the UK or in France.

Consider translation services

While Google Translate is an amazing tool, it doesn’t sufficiently reproduce existing web content in a foreign language. More often than not, you will find that your intent is misconstrued by the platform’s algorithms. Instead, consider hiring a freelance translation specialist to convert your copy to the language of your potential audience. However, be sure to find someone who understands the language well enough to proofread it before you publish it. Soon you will be appealing to a whole new audience while also enjoying the inherent SEO benefits.

Check your payment portal 

If you are working to reach a specific international market, you must also accept the local currency. For example, it’s important that you accept the Renminbi to reach the Chinese market or the Rupee for customers in India. Be sure that you are employing a payment portal that offers conversion tools like Visa or PayPal. Asking customers to pay in a currency that is not their own leads to additional hurdles and most likely lost sales.

Check your traffic

Use an analytics tool like Google Analytics to monitor where your traffic is originating from to help decide the locations that would be best for you to target. Starting a global campaign in an area that has an established history of interacting with your content creates a distinct advantage. Once established, work towards spikes in traffic by discussing local events, purchasing local paid media campaigns, or inviting local experts to guest blog.

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