5GB Storage Per Account

Inbuilt Virus Protection

Works on Mobile and Tablets

Starts at just $1 /account/month

Get started with just the number of email accounts you need

What you get with

Business Email Hosting

  • 5 GB space per account
  • Email IDs like yourname@yourdomain.com
  • Sleek OX7 Webmail
  • Mobile Sync
  • Auto-responders
  • Advanced Calendar & more

Business Email

  • 5 GB space per account
  • Email IDs like yourname@yourdomain.com
  • Sleek OX7 Webmail
  • Mobile Sync
  • Auto-responders
  • Advanced Calendar & more


We offer a 30-day money back policy. If you are not satisfied with a purchase, contact us for a refund.

Why choose Business Email?


5 GB Storage

Each Business Email inbox includes abundant space

Enjoy abundant storage for each Business Email Hosting account that you buy. Don't worry about having to delete emails often.


Anti-virus Protection

Keep your business email safe from online threats

Protect your Business Email Hosting with anti-virus from ClamAV.


360 synchronisation

Sync Email using POP3 / IMAP

Seamlessly sync email accounts across all devices through POP3, IMAP & Webmail.


99.99% Uptime

High reliability & availability for your email

With world-class infrastructure and experts monitoring; your Business Email accounts are in safe hands!



Personalised email to match your domain name

Create your business email accounts with your domain name and showcase your professional credibility.


Branded SSL

Secure email with your own Digital Certificate

Complete security for your Business Email Hosting with SSL, Cloudmark & more.



Set up meetings from anywhere, anytime

Sync your calendar across all your devices with the ability to schedule meetings and video calls.


24x7 Support

Dedicated assistance from professionals

Round-the-clock support for all your Business Email hosting requirements.

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Questions we get asked frequently

What are the benefits of purchasing Business Email Hosting?

Give your business a more professional look with Business Email by branding your regular email ID with your company’s domain name (example: xvz@mycompany.com). Additionally, you also get the benefit of our latest business email hosting servers that give you the best uptime, least latency and maximum reliability. Plus, our Business Email Hosting service is provided on the cloud. You can add email accounts as your business grows.

How do I use my Webmail interface?

You can use the white-labelled URL: http://webmail.yourdomainname.com to access your Webmail account. On the login page, just enter your email address and password.

What is your SPAM policy for Business Email Hosting?

We take a zero tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited email, bulk emailing, and spam. “Safe lists”, purchased lists, and selling of lists will be treated as spam. Any user who sends out spam will have their account terminated with or without notice.

Can I use Auto Responders?

es, you can. An auto-responder is a program that, when setup for your email address, sends out an automatic, pre-set reply to an email, as soon as it is received at this email address. You can find out more about setting up an auto-responder from our knowledge base.

Can I create mailing lists?

Yes, you can create mailing lists, add users, delete users, select a moderator, restrict people from joining a mailing list and even ban a user from a mailing list.

What ports do I need to use for Email Hosting?

Port 25 is used for the Outgoing Mail Server/SMTP Service. However, if your ISP is blocking Port 25 for SMTP services, you can use the alternate port 587 for sending emails.

What devices can I access my Webmail from?

You can access your Business Email from a desktop, smartphone or tablet. Our Webmail is built using HTML 5 & JavaScript and is compatible with all major Operating Systems including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry and more.