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We have automated our Dedicated Server provisioning using Openstack, a leading IaaS platform technology. This ensures that your Dedicated Server is ready for use as soon as you purchase it with no setup fee.

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Why choose Dedicated Server Hosting

Maximum Performance

Our Dedicated Servers are powered by the industry’s best solid state drives and are configured to give your websites and applications the boost they deserve. Bundled with faster read/write speeds and terabyte level capacity, it’s time to give your sites the performance they need.


Instant provisioning

We understand the value of your time, so we make sure that your VPS server is ready for use within seconds. With our unique instant provisioning platform your VPS server will be up and about within a matter of seconds. We use OpenStack on all of our VPS Hosting Plans for automated and easy provisioning of servers.

Redundant infrastructure

Our Datacenter consists of a complex mesh of global servers that interact with each other. The entire architecture is built upon common principles of High-Availability, Clustering and n+1 Architecture. This allows us to scale our solutions to match your exponential growth by simply adding infrastructure and linking it to this architecture. You are abstracted from worrying about variables such as scalability, uptime, network response etc

Dedicated Servers Technical Specifications



Boosters & Semi-Managed Support

Features of Dedicated Hosting


Manage multiple clients

With WHM & cPanel you can also sub-divide your Dedicated Server and set it up for use by multiple clients or members of your team. You can easily manage and monitor all your websites and resources from one central location making our Dedicated Servers a popular choice for reselling.


Dedicated Server Hosting with Instant Setup

We have automated our Dedicated Server provisioning using Openstack, a leading IaaS platform technology. This ensures that your Dedicated Server is ready for use as soon as you purchase it with no setup fee.


Dedicated Server with Full Root Access

We provide full administrative access i.e. root access with every Dedicated Server to allow you to completely customise the server environment based on your needs. You have complete control of your Dedicated Hosting Server and can install any third party software.

Frequently Asked Questions Hosting

Will I get root access to my Dedicated Server Hosting?

Yes, root access is granted with every Dedicated Server Plan and you have full administrative control of your Dedicated Server to install any software you wish to.

What type of support do I get for my Dedicated Hosting?

Two levels of support are given for all Dedicated Server hosting plans: Core-managed and cPanel support. Every package comes along with standard core-managed support. Additionally, we are available 24×7 for any assistance you may need with hardware, booting, network or login issues. Our System Administration Support will also assist you with basic cPanel & Firewall setup and their issues.

How long does it take for my Dedicated Server to be ready once I've placed the order?

Within minutes! At ISHost, we’ve automated our Dedicated Server provisioning using Openstack, a leading IaaS platform technology. With this, your Dedicated Server is ready to go as soon as you purchase it. No wait time, no setup fee.

What is the kind of hardware that is used for each Dedicated Server?

All the Dedicated Servers use the SuperMicro Blade chassis. It has a small footprint that ensures reduced power consumption and cooling requirements. Cost saving achieved through this technology helps us keep your costs to the minimum. Every Dedicated Server is powered by Intel Xeon HyperThreaded processors, DDR3 RAM and 7200RPM SATA drives.

How do I expand the storage space on my Dedicated Hosting Server?

Our custom in-house shared storage device lets you add a near infinite amount of storage to your Dedicated Server hosting package. The local storage on your server is 1TB. This can be expanded instantly by adding space to your server on our shared storage device. You can format it and mount it once it is attached to your Dedicated Server as a disk. Anywhere from 50GB to 500GB of storage can be bought at once.

What are the various ways to access my Dedicated Server?

Access your Dedicated Hosting Server with (1) SSH – Use any SSH client with the root credentials that we provide you (2) cPanel – You can access and manage your Dedicated server through the cPanel/WHM control panel (3) Dedicated Server control panel – Perform frequent operations like stopping and starting your server through our web-based control panel bundled with every Dedicated Server hosting order.

Do you provide any backup service?

We don’t have any backup solution at the moment. Yet, we strongly recommend that you maintain a remote backup to avoid any hassles during an ill-fated incident.

What is port speed?

The server uplink port speed is up to 1 Gbps.

Can I use a Dedicated Server for email marketing?

Dedicated Servers can be used for Websites, Databases, Custom Applications, Ecommerce, DNS, File Storage and Emails. Emails, however, must be restricted to personal, organisational or professional purposes. The use of Dedicated Servers to send out mass emails/marketing is NOT recommended and can attract penalties.

Can I use virtualisation software on the server?

Our Dedicated Servers are virtualised (1:1). Thus, nested virtualisation will not work due to network restrictions on the host system.

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